Two-Day No-Fee Guarantee. The Working Interview

If you are too busy to interview candidates but need a job filled under a no fee staffing program, we have a great solution. Triple Crown Staffing can offer a “working interview”.  You can have a candidate work in your office for two full days for a No Fee/Temp-To-Hire job, as described here. If you don’t think the assignment is working out after the first two days, just let us know 4 hours before the start of the next working day (the start of Day 3), and you will not be billed anything. Unlike our traditional No Fee/Temp-To-Hire program, you skip the interviewing process with our 2-Day No Fee Guarantee Program. 

We stake our reputation on finding the candidate we think will be the right fit for your open job, and they go right to work.  This saves you time and energy associated with the hiring process. If you’re not happy with who we refer by the start of the third day, you pay nothing!  We have been told our “working Interview” is the crown jewel of our no fee staffing program.guarantee

Benefits of 2 day guarantee:

  • You will not have to interview any candidates. We take care of this for you!  We will send a candidate for a 2 day Working Interview.
  • We will save you time so that you can focus on running your business.
  • We will interview, test, screen and make a referral based on the job description and salary guidelines you give to us.
  • Our Working Interview may be the best option for all of your jobs that need to be filled, or perhaps there are certain jobs that do NOT require a lengthy, expensive, time and resource consuming interview process.  
  • We will pay the candidates a full salary, at no cost to you, if you’re not happy at any time before the start of the third working day.  We are that confident in our ability to find you the right candidate to do your job under our no fee staffing program.
  • We will save you the hassle of looking through resumes, setting up interviews, and seeing multiple candidates. Instead, you will get a candidate who has been professionally screened, and is ready to work and prove themselves on a Working Interview.  Remember if we are wrong on our referral, it costs us not you!
  • Our Working Interview can save you weeks of time, and allows you and your team to focus on running your business, rather than staffing concerns, resulting in increased production or profits.
  • You will have the same luxury of trying a candidate out for the first 150 working days before transferring them to your payroll.