Hiring A Temp

Triple Crown Staffing offers companies the option of hiring reasonably priced temporary employees in the greater New York City and New Jersey area.  If you need labor immediately, but are not sure how long you will need it for, Triple Crown Staffing can help you with hiring a temp, or staffing a special project.

businessmeetingBenefits of Temp Services

      • Labor right away.
      • Hiring a temp allows you to maintain a flexible workforce no matter what is happening in the business cycle.
      • You can switch a temporary assignment to a temporary to hire assignment as early as you decide there is a full-time position at the completion of 150 working days.
      • Maximize efficiency in your cost of labor
      • Hiring a temp help mitigate rising costs
      • Save time
      • Only pay for the hours the candidate actually works
      • Hiring a temp reduces risk
      • Competitive hourly bill rates
      • Hiring a temp allows companies to evaluate a candidates work before making a commitment.
      • Improved productivity enhancing a company’s bottom line and
      • Hiring a temp will increase productivity.

If you are a business in New York or New Jersey and want to remain flexible with your workforce, increase productivity, only pay for the hours a candidate actually works, or if you have seasonal needs or special projects, looking into hiring a temp might be something worth considering.

Triple Crown Staffing offers temporary staff at reasonable hourly rates.  In addition you may start a candidate as a temp, and if you are inclined hire this person full time after 150 working days, without having to pay a fee once you determine there is a full time spot available on your payroll for that candidate.