No Fee Temp-To-Hire

Triple Crown Staffing is committed to keeping the costs down for our clients throughout the hiring process. One way we do this is by offering our No Fee Temp-To-Hire program.  Let us prove how a no fee staffing agency can work for you.  If you are a business in the greater New York City or New Jersey area, chances are we can help.


It’s very simple – we spend a few minutes with you on the phone to find out exactly what you are looking for and your estimated true cost of labor by factoring in the salary you are offering, your payroll taxes, payroll expenses, and other costs associated with making a placement (i.e., the amount you would have paid had you hired the employee directly). This is what we will bill you per hour. We base our bill rates off a standard 35 hour work week.   [Ask About Our Pricing.]

We will then source the job for you on a contingent basis. There are no upfront costs or contracts to get started. We will send you the best candidates given the price point you have selected and you can interview as many of these pre-screened candidates as you want. 

If we are successful in finding the right candidate who you wish to hire, Triple Crown Staffing will house that candidate on our payroll for the first 150 working days of an assignment, while you try them out.  During this trial period you are under no obligation to keep the referred Triple Crown Staffing candidate.  After the 150 working days is up, the applicant can transfer to your payroll without a fee and you then become the employer of record. This is known as our No FeeTemp-To-Hire program.


Benefits of Temp-To-Hire

  • Evaluate the candidates work before you become “The Employer of Record”
  • No on-boarding or annoying paperwork until your ready to have the candidate is on your payroll
  • Lower your recruiting costs
  • Let Triple Crown Staffing do all the leg work
  • Decrease your risks of bringing on a new hire to your payroll
  • No upfront costs or contracts.  We work on a contingent basis until you hire someone from us
  • No obligation