Low Fee-Direct Hire Staffing

CHRYSLER 1Sometimes clients prefer to take a candidate onto their payroll from Day 1, or a job request is best suited to a direct hire fee based placement. Triple Crown Staffing is fully equipped to staff on a traditional permanent or fee basis. 

We guarantee our Low Fee-Direct Hire Staffing Option, can discount our perm fee’s substantially when compared to the competition.

Using Triple Crown Staffing’s Low Fee-Direct Hire Staffing program, the candidate will go directly on to your payroll and there is no temp-to-hire period. You assume employer of record status Day 1. You will only be invoiced once a candidate makes it to a specific point in time in their employment, as opposed to at the start of the assignment.

Direct Hire Advantages

  • Candidate will go on to your payroll from day 1.  Some clients prefer this
  • Our placement fee will be lower than our competition
  • You are given the option of not being invoiced on day 1
  • We work on a contingent basis, there are no upfront costs or retainers required

Our goal is to work with clients to figure out a winning staffing solution, our Low Fee-Direct Hire Staffing option is a perfect example.  We will work hard and think outside the box to ensure that we come up with a plan that works for clients and candidates. We can do this because our boutique business model allows us to work efficiently, and avoids the massive overhead that would be reflected in higher bill rates and higher perm fees. We pass the cost savings to our clients!  “Our business model eliminates unnecessary costs of making placements throughout New York City and New Jersey.  Triple Crown Staffing’s boutique agency structure allows us to bill our clients less,”

So if you are a business in the New York City or New Jersey area, and you want to staff a position in a cost effective manner, get great service, and find true strategic partner, Triple Crown wants to hear from you.