Staffing Solutions


No Fee Temp-To-Hire Program

Triple Crown Staffing is committed to keeping the costs down for our clients throughout the hiring process. One way we do this is by offering our No Fee Temp-To-Hire program.

It’s very simple – we spend a few minutes with you on the phone to find out exactly what you are looking for and your estimated true cost of labor by factoring in the salary you are offering, your payroll taxes, payroll expenses, and other costs associated with making a placement (i.e., the amount you would have paid had you hired the employee directly). This is what we will bill you per hour. We base our bill rates off a standard 35 hour work week.  [Ask About Our Pricing.]

We will then source the job for you on a contingent basis. There are no upfront costs or contracts to get started. We will send you the best candidates given the price point you have selected and you can interview as many of these pre-screened candidates as you want. 

If we are successful in finding the right candidate who you wish to hire, Triple Crown Staffing will house that candidate on our payroll for the first 150 working days of an assignment, while you try them out.  During this trial period you are under no obligation to keep the referred Triple Crown Staffing candidate.  After the 150 working days is up, the applicant can transfer to your payroll without a fee and you then become the employer of record. This is known as our No FeeTemp-To-Hire program.

Our 2-Day No Fee Guarantee Program

If you are too busy to interview candidates but need a job filled, we have a great solution. Triple Crown Staffing can offer a “working interview”. You can have a candidate work in your office for two full days for a No Fee Temp-To-Hire job, as described above. If you don’t think the assignment is working out after the first two days, just let us know 4 hours before the next working day (the start of Day 3), and you will not be billed anything. Unlike our traditional No Fee Temp-To-Hire program, you skip the interviewing process with our 2-Day No Fee Guarantee Program. 

We stake our reputation on finding the candidate we think will be the right fit for your open job, and they go right to work. This saves you time and energy associated with the hiring process. If you’re not happy with who we refer by the start of the third day, you pay nothing!  

Benefits of the 2-Day No Fee Guarantee Program

  • We will save you time so that you can focus on running your business.
  • We will interview, test, screen and make a referral based on the job description and salary guidelines you give to us.
  • This may be the best option for all jobs that need to be filled, or perhaps there are certain jobs that do NOT require a lengthy, expensive, time and resource consuming interview process.
  • We will pay the candidates a full salary, at no cost to you, if you’re not happy at any time before the start of the third working day. We are that confident in our ability to find you the right candidate to do your job.
  • We will save you the hassle of looking through resumes, setting up interviews, and seeing multiple candidates. Instead, you will get a candidate who has been professionally screened, and is ready to work and prove themselves on what is absolutely a no-lose situation for any business.  Remember if we are wrong on our referral, it costs us not you!
  • Our 2-Day Guarantee Program can save you weeks of time, and allows you and your team to focus on running your business, rather than staffing concerns, resulting in increased production or profits.
  • You will have the same luxury of trying a candidate out for the first 150 working days before transferring them to your payroll.

Low Fee/Direct Hire

Sometimes clients prefer to take a candidate onto their payroll from Day 1, or a job request is best suited to a direct hire fee based placement, rather than under our No Fee/Temp-To-Hire Program.  Triple Crown Staffing is fully equipped to staff on a traditional permanent or fee basis. 

We guarantee our fee will be less that the industry average, with a discount of as much as 50%.

Using this option, the candidate will go directly on to your payroll and there is no temp-to-hire period. You assume employer of record status Day 1. You will only be invoiced once a candidate makes it to a specific point in time in their employment.

Our goal is to work with clients to figure out a winning staffing solution.  We will work hard and think outside the box to ensure that we come up with a plan that works for clients and candidates. We can do this because our boutique business model allows us to work efficiently, and avoids the massive overhead that would be reflected in higher bill rates and higher perm fees. We pass the cost savings to our clients!

Temp Services

Triple Crown Staffing also offers temp services in instances where you need labor immediately, but are not sure how long you will need it for.  For example, you may need additional labor to deal with maternity leave, vacations, and special projects.  Or a situation may just some up where you need someone for a set period of time and there is no full-time job once the assignment is over.  Triple Crown Staffing can assist you in any and all these areas. 

Benefits of Temp Services

      • Labor right away
      • Allows you to maintain a flexible workforce no matter what is happening in the business cycle
      • You can switch a temporary assignment to a temporary to hire assignment as early as you decide there is a full-time position at the completion of 150 working days
      • Maximize efficiency in your cost of labor
      • Mitigate rising costs
      • Save time
      • Reduce risk
      • Competitive hourly bill rates