Hiring A Guide To hiring best practices

Are you hiring? If you are thinking about hiring, there a few things one should consider before hiring.

The first important step in the hiring process is to determine what you are looking for, and what you can afford to spend.

Then the next step when hiring is to determine would you like to conduct the search yourself or have an outside staffing agency do the work for you. There are benefits to both approaches. The decision is usually tougher when firms do not have an internal HR team. A company that has reached the point where they have a dedicated HR staff usually is capable of handling a search on their own. A firm without an HR team, may not be capable, or more often just too busy.

Please remember making the wrong decision when you are hiring can have long lasting consequences.

However if you have hire the right employee the benefits to your organization are endless. With that star employee making your organization even more profitable.

Best Practices when hiring

1)Develop a job description, and mention as many keywords as possible. This may make the hiring process easier.

2)Define your budget. This is essential when a firm is hiring.

3)Give you job a formal title. This will help the hiring process.

4) Decide if you want to handle the search internally or if you want to hire a 3rd party for the search. There are benefits to having a 3rd party assist when you are hiring.

5)If you find the perfect candidate do not wait to see endless amounts of people just to fill a quota, hire them on the spot. Hiring managers should trust their instincts when dealing with the top talent. Otherwise you are giving someone else time to hire that candidate while you wait around.

6)Be clear in what you are offering when hiring with hard compensation, the actual dollar amount, and also soft compensation, what are the benefits, exactly how much does your company cover for medical, dental, 401 k.

7)Have a plan B in case the one you want to hire,, gets another offer. Either have a contingent plan with a higher offer, or have another candidate you want to hire.
Treat your star employees well, and they will not want to leave.

Good luck with your hiring strategy!